Regional Planning Foundation

Large urban regions have proliferated throughout the United States and throughout the world. Shown here are more than one hundred regions ranging in population size from 50,000 to almost 19,000,000. Virtually every state is represented by a region on this map, an indication of their increasing importance in our society facing continuing rapid growth. The Regional Planning Foundation has a national and state orientation, we provide from our offices in Seal Beach CA and San Antonio TX, education through workshops and seminars to recruit regional citizens and to advocate for regional planning as an everyday effort to resolve regional problems today and tomorrow.

Although the book REGIONS AROUSED focuses on one region, Los Angeles (and its 13 subregions), its problems and needs also illustrate common issues which need to be effectively resolved in most urban regions.



To arouse citizen interest in regional planning and how it must become an everyday, household effort to resolve the multiplying problems adversely impact urban regions; promote and perpetuate collaboration among each region’s cities and local areas; and urban outreach through education and involvement of regional citizens.

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