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Large urban regions have proliferated throughout the United States and throughout the world. Shown here are more than one hundred regions ranging in population size from 50,000 to almost 19,000,000. Virtually every state is represented by a region on this map, an indication of their increasing importance in our society facing continuing rapid growth. The Regional Planning Foundation has a national and state orientation, we provide from our offices in Seal Beach CA and San Antonio TX, education through workshops and seminars to recruit regional citizens and to advocate for regional planning as an everyday effort to resolve regional problems today and tomorrow.

What makes the Regional Planning Foundation unique is its makeup of Regional Citizens.
A Regional Citizen is a person who considers the important issues in his or her local regional community and keeps educated on those issues; cares enough about the community to participate in the Regional Planning process. They are the heart blood of successful Regional Planning since the core of regional planning organizations is currently composed of elected officials who can only represent the interests of their local area – not the region. Some attributes of a true regional citizen are:

  • Thinks large-scale in terms of facilities and services (freeways, major streets, schools, transit, government);
  • Thinks above neighborhood to community, and communities working together for improvement;
  • Thinks urban revitalization should focus on groups of communities, not just blocks and neighborhoods;
  • Willing to sacrifice local interests to achieve overall and specific regional needs; and
  • Willing to promote legislation at state, federal and regional levels, not just local level.

Contact Information

For more information regarding becoming a regional citizen, we encourage you to contact or call us directly at 210.415.8214.

Frank W. Osgood, AICP –
1542 Merion Way, 35-H –
Seal Beach CA, 90740
(562) 598-3289

Wendell Davis, AICP –
605 W Rhapsody
San Antonio, TX 78216
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