Regional Planning Education Support

Much needs to be done to promote sound regional planning education and regional citizen education and training in all U.S. Regions and in local regions such as those in Long Beach & Irvine CA and in San Antonio TX as well as Central and South Texas. We stand ready to help you determine how you can best contribute to this effort. Initially you might want to assist through encouraging Regional Planning locally and learning more about how you can volunteer your time in your
local region to bring about improvements in the regional planning process.

Author and Founder Frank W. Osgood has agreed to match your contributions to the Regional Planning Foundation to promote Regional Planning in an amount up to $10, 000 during the period of January through July 2014 in order to further the Mission of the Foundation.

If you wish to help financially, you may make a sustaining gift to the Foundation and/or purchase a copy of REGIONS AROUSED. The book will soon be available as an eBook in formats compatible to Apple, Nook, Kindle and others.

The Foundation will maintain a PayPal account through which you may purchase the book or transfer donations. Gifts will be tax deductible when our tax-exempt status becomes official. For now, please write to:

Regional Planning Foundation
Frank Osgood, AICP
1542 Merion Way, 35-H
Seal Beach CA 90740

Regional Planning Foundation
Wendell Davis, AICP
605 W Rhapsody
San Antonio TX 78216

Contact Us

For more information on what you can do to help aid in the effort, we encourage you to contact or call us directly at 210.415.8214