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Regional Planning Foundation has a passion for educating the public on the importance of regional planning as it relates to making all U.S. Regions more livable, sustainable, safer and functional. We offer our services to all U.S. Regions as well as local regions such as those in Long Beach & Irvine CA and in San Antonio TX as well as Central and South Texas. Our passion as regional planners is rooted in our determination to educate, train and implement systematic methods to remedy distressed and deteriorated urban areas and their regions. To join in our efforts, we encourage you to complete the short form below:

Phone: 210.415.8214

Regional Planning Foundation
Frank Osgood, AICP (preferred)
1542 Merion Way, 35-H
Seal Beach CA 90740
P 562.598.3289

Regional Planning Foundation
Wendell Davis, AICP
605 W Rhapsody
San Antonio TX 78216
P 210.415.8214


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