Regional Planning Issues and Objectives

Regional Planning needs to ensure that Regional Objectives are focused on metropolitan regions throughout the United States as well as local regions in Irvine & Long Beach CA and in San Antonio & Corpus Christi TX so that better Regional Planning is achieved. The focus should be on education, training and implementation of a land use system providing a balance of services, jobs and housing through synergy; and reinvest in inner-city areas (our future). When this occurs in our Regions, declining areas will be renewed and economic development will be assured.

We can solve our deteriorating urban/regional dilemma if we take all the urban problems/issues listed and base regional objectives on these issues. Then we must collectively address them in strong regional plans accomplished at cooperatively with citizen bonding and simply implement regional objectives while working as Regional Citizens. Consider the following Regional Issues with each related Regional Objective:

Regional Issues and Objectives

1. Land use patterns in each region that require long job and personal commutes, imbalance of services, jobs and housing.

OBJECTIVE: Achieve effective land use planning on regional level

2. Housing development all over the region encourages sprawl, provides inadequate supply and distribution of affordable housing, infill housing and discourages rehabilitation of declining neighborhoods

OBJECTIVE: Promote affordable housing of all types on regional scale

3. Inner-city areas of the region are declining areas and discourage economic development

OBJECTIVE: Assure regional renewal in all inner-city areas

4. Air and water pollution in each region are above acceptable levels.

OBJECTIVE: Reduce air and water pollution as needed. Conserve water.

5. Funding of freeway expansion and upgrades takes away from continuing maintenance of major streets and how effectively they’re used

OBJECTIVE: Minimize freeway expansion through promoting key major street improvements

6. Make mass transit expansion more effective and efficient throughout region.

OBJECTIVE: Maximize mass transit expansion throughout region

7. School and educational systems do not equally serve the needs of all citizens.

OBJECTIVE: To achieve quality education on all levels and to all residents

8. Job-training programs within regions are not coordinated with demand nor job creation that is needed to ensure peoples livelihoods.

OBJECTIVE: Assure appropriate job creation and job training.

9. Many regional airport systems are out-of-scale, congested and not equally available to all.

OBJECTIVE: Maximize airport system balance for all types and sizes throughout region.

10. Taxes collected by entities within regions are often inadequate to solve local problems or even available to share with other regions to achieve any kind of environmental justice.

OBJECTIVE: Focus on tax base sharing in all forms

11. Many health services (clinics, hospitals, etc.) are very localized and not associated with a larger coordinated regional system to achieve economies of scale or to provide specialized treatment.

OBJECTIVE: Create and maintain a quality region-wide health care system

12. Community budget needs within each region often exceed the available taxes and many services are duplicated resulting in waste and sometimes in corruption.

OBJECTIVE: Minimize public sector budgetary waste and balance budgets.

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